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890-960 Phantom Antenna, White TRA8903 Laird Technologies

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This item is not only a high quality product, but also check out our prices in Electronics, Computer & Photo they are tough to beat. It feels very good when the 890-960 Phantom Antenna, White tops its utility and pays off your investment. Avoid any malfunctions, buy reliable equipment from Laird Technologies. A high level of technology has been applied to finally bring this item to reality, fulfilling the requests for high performance. Consider the cutting-edge products, explore our range of equipment: PCTEL / Maxrad - MLPV700 - 740-870 Low Profile Antenna, Black/Chrome, or Laird Technologies - ETRAB8213 - 821-896 MHz 3dB 2.7" 150 watt Phantom and Laird Technologies - TRAB8063 - 806-866MHz 3dB-MEG 2.7" 150 watts.
LAIRD 890-960 MHz Phantom 3 dB low visibility white antenna. Order Motorola style mount and cable separately.
Specific Frequency < 890-960 MHz
Gain dBi < 3 dBi
Narrative < The Discadoo antenna provides low-visibility and was designed for federal and local law enforcement applications. Utilizes a patent pending planer-f style radiator. Can be painted with non-metallic paint. Ground plane is required. Requires Motorola style mount with cable and connector.
Mobile Antenna Mounting Type < NMO
Antenna Material < Plastic
RF Connectors < No Connector
Maximum Power < 150 W
Item Height < 2.7 in
Color < White
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