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Instrument Cleaning Brushes 906500 Gordon Brush

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Repairing, servicing or customizing our supply will be there for your demands – Automotive & Marine. When it comes to protecting your superior investment use a solid example like Instrument Cleaning Brushes, and have longer service life. Gordon Brush merchandise are using the superior quality materials and perform flawlessly. Take a good look, you just may find what you a must have for your faithful steed. Try some more see if you will like them better: Weiler - 40056 - Nylon Large Cleaning/Dusting Brush, 10" Long, or Carrand - 93088 - 10 Bi-Level Dip Brush with 96 Extension Handle and Gordon Brush - 906501 - Instrument Cleaning Brushes (MOQ=12).
Handle: Straight
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