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4-Way splitter/combiner- non-IR passing 2534 Channel Plus

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Find items in Cable Zone that are bendable and practical for ease of adjustment and assembly. 4-Way splitter/combiner- non-IR passing and other high-performance component cables and accessories are available at affordable prices. Channel Plus delivers performance solutions, made with premium compounds, according tothe highest production standards. We have something well designed for you, if you want to cut installation prices, and improve reliability. Goods that are efficient, and follow your intuition - Cable Zone section offers: Channel Plus - 2538 - 8-Way splitter/combiner- non-IR passing, RCA - VH49R - RCA VH49R Splitter (4 way) and RCA - VH49R - RCA VH49R Splitter (4 way).
The Model 2512 DC & IR Passing 2-way Splitter/Combiner is a bi-directional 2-way splitter/combiner that provides a 1 GHz bandwidth and is ideal for antenna and coaxial cable operations. The splitter/combiner can be used for two applications. It can be used to split a signal from a source or combine signals from multiple sources onto one coax run. Use a DC passing splitter whenever DC IR signals are present on the coax.
  • 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 3.5 dB insertion loss
  • Passes DC IR signals on the coax
  • Use as signal splitter or combiner
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