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SMA Female reverse-polarity for LMR200 132236RP Amphenol

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Industrial & Scientific has equipment you can high, ideal for difficult procedures when you need accurate, reproducible, repeatable results. SMA Female reverse-polarity for LMR200 that offers all cheaper and essential easy going for a need price, might be a popular solutions choice for you. Amphenol – safeguard, breakthrough technologies, work faster to adapt changing an unprecedented. If you lacking safeguard and efficient solution in your processes of production, you came to the right spot to Amphenol is up to date with the concern, newest trends and achievements in the area of safety research and development. them.
CONNEX SMA female reverse-polarity connector for LMR200. Crimp-on.
Pieces/UG < 2 Pc.
For Cable < LMR-200
Install < 60981(1), 88701(2)
Material (Pin) < Gold Plate
Insulator Material < PTFE
Frequency Range < 0-12.4 GHz
Center Pin Type < Crimp
RF Connector Body Style < Straight
RF Impedance < 50 Ohms
Max Voltage/Pwr < 375 Vpeak
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