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Allworx Call Assistant Software for Allworx 6x 8210013 Allworx

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To understand where the technology is going, you can take a look at unparalleled Telephony, PBX & VoIP, and find the newest handy and practical solutions. Unparalleled Allworx Call Assistant Software for Allworx 6x will provide superior sound quality, enjoy excellent calls that are crystal clear. Allworx – nicely designed communication systems that ultimately help you to enhance productivity and gain unparalleled competitive advantage. When it comes to up-to-date communication devices you want a great choice, user friendly and efficient device setup. You may be equally interested to take a look at the well designed:Allworx - 8210066 - Allworx 6x Upgrade Multi-Site Branch to Multi-Site Primary, Allworx - 8210066 - Allworx 6x Upgrade Multi-Site Branch to Multi-Site Primary and Allworx - 8210082 - Reach SIP Mobile Phone Client for Allworx 6x and 6x12 (10 pack).

The Allworx Call Assistant allows operators or receptionists to monitor the state of every line in the system and to efficiently dispatch calls by answering, transferring, parking or sending to voicemail. Call Assistant is a fully integrated PC software tool which makes the attendant's tasks easy and intuitive, working in combination with an Allworx VoIP phone and phone system.

How it works

The Call Assistant screen has three work areas, each of which display call information and expedite call handling.

My Calls - shows all calls currently being handled at the operator's extension.

Outside Lines - shows the status of selected incoming lines (both VoIP and CO).

Switchboard - shows the company directory with status indicators, as well as tabs to display status of other functions.

  • Auto Attendant
    Lists all Auto Attendants so that the user can transfer calls to specific Auto Attendants to assist the caller (e.g. transfer a customer who is interested in buying a product to the sales team; the Auto Attendant "Sales Team" will have specific options, phones assigned, and appropriate call routes in place).
  • Queues
    Lists all Call Queues, including Longest Wait Time and Queue Volume. User can either transfer a call to a specific queue or answer a queue.
  • Parked Calls
    Lists all Parked Calls currently in the system. User can pick up any parked call.
  • Monitors
    Lists all Call Monitors including the number of callers ringing on each Monitor. User can transfer a call to a Call Monitor or answer a Call Monitor.
    • Call Monitors offer an easy way to enable an incoming call to directly ring a group of phones. Multiple calls to the Call Monitor wait to be answered in the order received. However, these calls benefit from a "live answer" as an alternative to making the caller wait and listen to queue announcements (e.g. Call Queues). A business might set up a Call Monitor to live-answer all incoming calls to the sales team or when multiple users can answer as the operator.
  • Active Calls
    Lists all current incoming and outgoing calls across the Allworx system.
  • Favorites
    Provides an area to display commonly used internal or external numbers and speed dials. User can see the current status of internal extensions and call any internal or external number.
  • Centralized call management
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Easy to access to standard call functions
  • Seamless integration with any Allworx phone
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Support for both VoIP and traditional CO phone lines
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