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License for 6 - 20 units 9137912 2N Telecommunications

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Look in Telephony, PBX & VoIP for modern solutions that provide a minimal investment. The License for 6 - 20 units means no complications, just dial and talk free of worry, have an extraordinary solution. 2N Telecommunications goes one step further, providing users with great connectivity with plenty of communication characteristics. Make managing your important contacts and call records efficient and without concern. These iconic items are worth investing in:2N Telecommunications - 9137111CU - 2N Helios IP 1 button + camera, 2N Telecommunications - 9151101C - Helios IP Force - 1 button & camera and 2N Telecommunications - 9137161CKU - 2N Helios IP 3x2 button + keypad + camera.
License for 6 - 20 units
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