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2N Helios IP Card Reader (suitable for Helios IP Vario only) 9137430E 2N Telecommunications

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There are plenty of nicely priced state-of-the-art gear - find it in Telephony, PBX & VoIP. The 2N Helios IP Card Reader (suitable for Helios IP Vario only) will offer exceptional features that improve your image, save you money and keep you connected anywhere. 2N Telecommunications unparalleled telephone system are up to date with the newest trends and possibilities at bargain price. Digital delivery of nicely priced voice communications is something incredible you would should learn about in more detail. Even if you are just browsing, items like these are worth looking into:2N Telecommunications - 9135160E - 2N Helios 3 x double button, or 2N Telecommunications - 9135130E - 2N Helios 3 x single button and 2N Telecommunications - 9135130KE - 2N Helios 3 x single button + keypad.
2Nï¾® Helios IP Card Reader (suitable for Helios IP Vario only)
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