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2N Helios IP 3x2 button + keypad + camera + display 9137160CKDU 2N Telecommunications

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Telephony, PBX & VoIP has the state-of-the-art top-of-the-line, handy and practical and intuitive current phone systems that will seamlessly connect all your employees with the world around them. Essential 2N Helios IP 3x2 button + keypad + camera + display will provide superior sound quality, enjoy exceptional calls that are crystal clear. 2N Telecommunications will supply you with the telephony features that you need, without other hardware and without extra costs. Consider a sophisticated conferencing system that can offer businesses a amazing way to respond to day-to-day challenges quickly and effectively. Cover these items, and be sure you did not miss out:2N Telecommunications - 9137912 - License for 6 - 20 units, 2N Telecommunications - 9135110KE - 2N Helios 1x button + keypad and 2N Telecommunications - 9137131CKU - 2N Helios IP 3 button + keypad + camera.
The 2N Helios IP Vario is a door communicator that perfectly combines state-of-the-art technology with a unique design. It is a communication system supporting both voice and video transmission, all in the IP environment by means of the SIP protocol. The 2N Helios IP door communicator is made of high quality steel, resistant to all ambient conditions. This ensures long service life and stable appearance even when installed outdoors. The Helios IP will simply charm all your visitors - even before they enter. 6 direct call buttons with keypad, camera and LCD HERE for Manual *Now comes with FREE professional version license The 2N Helios IP Vario is an ideal product for any door communication environment. It can be utilised in companies as well as households, and thanks to numerous accessories, such as a display, card reader, attendance system or keyboard, we can satisfy a wide range of customers. The Helios IP with display provides customers with a user-friendly environment thanks to which you can easily search out the right contact and monitor the status of your call whether the line is engaged or not. When looking through the list of participants you can even see their faces appear on the display. The entire communicator system and its display control can be easily tailored to your needs and all settings and controls can be operated remotely thanks to the Internet supply * 802.3af (PoE) 48 V / 380 mA DC or * Adaptor 230 V10%, 50/60 Hz / 12V DC DC power supply 12 V / 1A DC VoIP * Signalization SIP* Number of voice channels 2 * Audio Codecs G.711 PCM, 64 kbps * Video Codecs H.264, 64 2048 kbit/s Interfaces * Ethernet Connector Screw plug Ethernet speed 10/100 BASE-T * Reley outputs Maximal voltage 30 V DC Maximal current 1 A DC Other * Dimensions 210x100x29 mm (hwd) * Weight max. 500 g * Operating temperatures from 40 to +50 C * Cover level IP 53Features : Works in the Ethernet network Power supply over ethernet - PoE (12v power adapter optional if necessary) SIP communication protocol Integrated web server for configuration Up to 54 quick dialing buttons. Up to 999 users / user groups (with professional version) Video streaming (with camera equipped models) Display of information (with display equipped models) Integrated scheduler with day/night/weekend modes Can be used as a standard VoIP telephone and a code-lock (keypad equipped models) Modular System - Up to 54 buttons + keypad Smart design, top material - high quality stainless steel Flat design - can be mounted without wall cutting Water resistant Perfectly hermetic buttons Electronic part completely seperated from the name plates Electronic lock switch - controlled directly from the VoIP telephone Quality white backlighting of buttons - white LED's DTMF according to RFC2833, in-band High quality acoustic paramaters Electronic volume setting (without cover opening) and hands-free Electronic adjustment of backlight
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