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2Nï¾® Helios extendr 8 x double button 9135182E 2N Telecommunications

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Telephony, PBX & VoIP - so every user may benefit from the freedom of movement with convenient state-of-the-art communication gadgets that will follow them wherever they go. The essential 2Nï¾® Helios extendr 8 x double button ensures unparalleled high quality voice and sound will not ever fail you. 2N Telecommunications goes one step further, providing users with exceptional connectivity with plenty of communication characteristics. When it comes to latest communication devices you want a popular solution, user friendly and efficient device setup. You may be equally interested to take a look at the nicely priced:2N Telecommunications - 9152101W - Helios IP Safety - 1 button & 10W speaker, 2N Telecommunications - 9135130E - 2N Helios 3 x single button and 2N Telecommunications - 9137901 - Upgrade of Helios IP onto Professional version.
2Nï¾® Helios extendr 8 x double button
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