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2N Helios 3 x single button 9135130E 2N Telecommunications

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Find whatever you demand in Telephony, PBX & VoIP, from the industry's leading manufacturers of telephony products. The 2N Helios 3 x single button, which offers all nicely priced and essential features at good prices, might be a superb choice for you. Choose an astonishing 2N Telecommunications solution and gain from all the technical possibilities of a modern telephony systems you can rely on. Gear up your business and experience upgraded productivity with the current telephony devices. These easy going items are worth investing in:2N Telecommunications - 9152101 - Helios IP Safety - 1 button, 2N Telecommunications - 9137111CKU - 2N Helios IP 1 button + keypad + camera and 2N Telecommunications - 9135160KE - 2N Helios 3 x double button + keypad.
2N Helios is a modern door communicator with a perfect design and features that you wont find on every door. It is a communication system supporting both voice and video transmission.3 direct call buttonsmodel.*Video optional, sold seperatelyClick HERE for Manual If you dont want to use a key to enter your home, you dont have to! You can open the door by entering a code, swiping a card or even remotely from your desk or mobile phone. The communicator provides you with reliable service at home, as well as in a company or big office complex. 2N Helios is made on a modular basis, so it can be expanded to incorporateup to 54 pushbuttons. Accessories include a camera, card reader or attendance system. Versions with or without a keyboard are available. We use high quality steel to make the 2N Helios door communicator, which means it is resistant to all external effects, thereby guaranteeing a long service life and stable appearance, even when installed outdoors. You might appreciate a model with a higher resistance against vandalism in some locations. The quality of our products has been proven by our export success they are exported to more than 120 countries around the world. Features : > Operates on any analog telephone line> Telephone-controlled electronic lock switch> Exclusive white button backlight - white LED's> Modularity - up to 54 buttons + keypad> Applicable as a standard telephone and codelock (keypad version)> Flat design - installation no need to cut into mounting surface> Water resistant> Hermetically sealed buttons> Seperate electronics from name plates> Telephone-based programming> Detection of all standard tones> Stable line power feeding> High acoustic quality> Electronic volumen and hands free control - no need to open cover> Special functions include automatic dialing of multiple numbers, silent dialing, departure/arrival, day/night mode, second switch delay
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